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The Vacation Getaway We All Deserve...

So much to see and experience!

The Caribbean Cruisers sail February 5, 2022


Join me and sail away on the Sky Princess!


7-Day Eastern Caribbean Islander


Let’s plan ahead!


On Board Activities are Endless...


-Wine Tastings

-World Class Gaming

-Art Gallery 

-Auctions and more..

-Shops on Princess offer a wide array of opportunities to indulge!

-Princess Book Club offers a nice area to pick a book or bring your own.

-Pools, Hot Tubs and Dont forget an amazing Spa!

These are just to mention a few things one can do on Princess....


I look forward to answering any questions and looking after all the details of your journey!

You can choose to engage with humans or have down time...It is all up to you!

Perfect time to hold your spot!



Sandra Nelson
Founder & Travel Consultant


Come Sail with Us!

Beaches ...Beaches....Escape your way....